Child Support in Coral Gables

Child Support in Coral Gables

Get Your Children the Support They Deserve

After going through a divorce, people often worry about how they’ll care for their children financially on their own. Every child deserves support from their parents, and the law takes child support in Coral Gables very seriously.

Our firm De Socarraz & Jimenez understands the complex and emotionally charged nature of separation or divorce between spouses. Child support serves as another concern, wondering how to approach the situation and how custody and timesharing might divide between former partners.

Our child support attorneys can ensure that the best possible child support in Coral Gables remains available for our clients and their families. We’ve helped numerous clients secure and enforce child support orders with diligence and responsiveness to our client needs.

Child Support Cases

Child support represents court-ordered payments typically made monthly by noncustodial parents to support a minor child or children. The court strictly enforces these child support payments with consequences, including penalties and fines, and license revocation until the paying parents pay their debt.

In most scenarios, a parent must pay until their children reach a certain age. This may vary from case to case. Child support could last until a child reaches anywhere between 16 years and 21 years old.

Unfortunately, some parents still cannot or will not pay their financial dues in Miami-Dade County. When a custodial parent cannot force the other party to pay their child support in Coral Gables, they still have other indirect methods available. Some these may include:

  • Garnishing wages directly from the noncustodial parent’s paycheck
  • Removal of visitation rights
  • Removal of all privileges, including custody of the child in shared custody situations
  • Reporting to debt collection agencies

Furthermore, if a parent fails to pay child support in Coral Gables, the noncustodial parent could face contempt. They would then need to pay a large sum all at once or spend 180 days in jail.

If a noncustodial parent owes over $2,500, the government will additionally refuse to renew documentation like passports or driver’s licenses.

Supporting Family Rights | South Florida Child Support Attorneys

In some cases, the noncustodial parent may lose a job or face a pay decrease for various reasons. A child support attorney can issue orders of reduced income sent to an employer or help noncustodial parents change their responsibilities by reducing or negotiating the paid amount. In some instances, the courts will grant payment reductions, even disposing of the child support obligations altogether due to changing circumstances.

Florida law requires that one parent provides principal guardianship with income child support when a child doesn’t reside with both parents. Support problems can arise because of a divorce settlement, divorce, or adjustments of existing court requests.

Our team from De Socarraz & Jimenez works hard to provide our South Florida clients with the best possible legal advice for their families. This means working with both the father and mother of a child involved in a custody battle to ensure just and fair results.

We understand Florida courts’ formula to ensure that noncustodial parents pay an accurate amount of support. They base this figure on the noncustodial parent’s salary, in addition to the aid a child may need. These child support guidelines include:

  • The annual salary of both parents
  • The number of children under age 18 in the household
  • Each parent’s custodial rights (including the amount of time they spend with the child each week)
  • The cost of child services, including transportation, care, insurance, etc.

Child Support in Coral Gables, Florida | De Socarraz & Jimenez

Our lawyers from De Socarraz & Jimenez reside amongst some of the most dedicated and experienced for clients looking for a child support attorney in the South Florida area. Our team remains prepared to mitigate the troubles regarding one of the most emotional and polarizing situations our clients ever face.

The firm understands former (or soon to be former) spouses feeling distraught over the separation or dissolution of their relationship. Therefore our team dedicates their time and experience, putting the work in to attain the best benefits and financial security for children and families involved in a case.

Lawyers from DSJP have the training and aggressiveness to fight for parental rights regarding child support in Coral Gables within the limits of the law. We’ll aim to provide fair benefits with the best interests of the family in mind. To learn more, reach out to our firm today!