Modification / Enforcement

Modification / Enforcement


Unlike in other areas of the law, family law matters such as child custody (which is parental responsibility and timesharing), child support and alimony, which are either agreed to by the parties in the initial proceeding or ordered by a court, are modifiable. This means that they are subject to change because circumstances of the parties and the minor child(ren) are ever evolving.

Under Florida law, if there has been a substantial change in circumstances, such as a parties’ income (increase or decrease), financial needs of the child, drug or alcohol abuse from either parent, employment changes, re marriage, relocation, etc., this can lead to the need for modification of either child support, alimony, and timesharing.

In addition, if a spouse is non-compliant with the terms of a marital settlement agreement/property division, a final judgment of dissolution of marriage, including payment of alimony, child support, and interfering with other parent’s timesharing, there is a recourse to enforce your rights.

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