Family Law Firm in Coral Gables

Family Law Firm in Coral Gables

What is Family Law? What Do Family Lawyers Do?

Family law addresses family-related issues as well as domestic relations. Most family legal practices will represent clients during divorce, in addition to the family law issues related to divorces like division of marital property, child support or custody, time-sharing, and alimony.

A family law firm will also draft prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, and attorneys will mediate, negotiate, and litigate related matters. Some family lawyers will also represent victims or perpetrators of domestic violence in criminal proceedings. 

Family law additionally incorporates:

  • Adoption and guardianship
  • Juvenile delinquency
  • Child abuse and neglect

Although numerous family law groups develop particular specialties like adoption or mediation, most will have expertise in various practice areas. Family lawyers must possess a wide range of legal skills as they draft documents and negotiate financial settlement agreements in contested matters. 

Attorneys must have exceptional interpersonal and intrapersonal skills while managing emotionally volatile situations as they attempt to counsel clients on their legal rights and options and resolve disputes.

Since most family law matters hit so close to home, a trusted professional like a member of our family law firm in Coral Gables from De Socarraz & Jimenez remains essential to a smooth transition and a positive outcome.

The Importance of a Family Law Firm

Many struggling spouses don’t place importance on hiring the right family lawyer. Unfortunately, they feel this when entering periods of strife and problems inside of their family. The right legal professional can help to alleviate problems in their earliest stages.

Often acting as mediators when family disagreements develop, a family law specialist can even alleviate divorce situations altogether. When the situation evolves to necessitate litigation in family conflicts that end up in court, they can represent litigants in this situation as well.

Handling Divorce Issues

Divorce commonly represents the most draining and difficult times that a family may ever face. Emotions often set in and make it virtually impossible for couples to settle their differences calmly on their own.

Our family law firm in Coral Gables will act as a mediator, assisting spouses in approaching issues rationally while within the law. Competent family law attorneys will guide couples through the legal divorce process with expert legal advice, settling the matter fairly without necessarily going to court.

Estates and Wills

A will represents a legal document where individuals state how they want their property managed when they pass away. A family law firm has the responsibility to assist clients in drafting these documents. They additionally ensure that the estate is administered as stated by the deceased via their will.

Child Custody Scenarios

When couples separate, one of the most challenging issues they’ll face is what happens to their children. Couples must agree on how they should care for the children they had together in a new arrangement.

Child custody is often defined by an agreement binding both parents to the terms within. A family lawyer will assist the parting parents with various ways to draft the agreement while also amending the agreement when necessary.

Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement is a contract signed by a couple before a marriage or civil union. The content of this document will vary from one case to another. However, the main aim of any prenuptial agreement is to outline provisions for spousal support and asset division if a breakup or divorce should take place.

Our family law firm in Coral Gables assists couples in the South Florida area with drafting these financial agreements. The services extend to handling matters that arise from the contract per Florida State Law.

Representing Litigants in Court

Family attorneys work to help people settle their family disputes outside of court. Unfortunately, these issues still end up in the courtroom when the parties cannot agree. A family law firm remains best suited to help litigants get justice and while serving their legal rights and best interests in court.

Family attorneys handle cases with the necessary legal knowledge and experience to help litigants navigate the complex legal waters of family law, ensuring justice gets served accordingly.

Family Law Firm in Coral Gables, FL | De Socarraz & Jimenez

We cannot overstate the importance of a family law attorney when facing issues financially, or within the family dynamic. Our law office De Socarraz & Jimenez rationally handles family disputes that otherwise would remain crowded by emotions.

Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to help South Floridians settle issues related to divorce, child custody, prenuptial agreement, and estate administration among a variety of other legal issues that affect families.

If you find yourself facing a family legal matter that could use a rational approach, reach out to our family law firm in Coral Gables today!

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